Lottery Predictions Guide

Hi my name is 'Tink' and I will be your guide in helping to explain in detail how our lotto draw pattern predictions and charts actually work.

With our lotto predictions were able to generate lottery number combinations that can be freely used to play the game of lotto with.

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Draw Pattern Prediction Charts

Draw Pattern Prediction Charts are used by the Tinkermen Lotto Report to assist and guide lotto players around the world with picking lottery number combinations that fall within different types of draw pattern group types. 


They are an attempt to help lotto players choose favorable number combinations for the next upcoming draws for each of the six different lotteries that we make predictions for including: Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto America and the California Super Lotto. 


Disclaimer: Lotto Number Combinations provided by the Tinkermen Lotto Report, are for educational purposes in order to help teach lotto players about Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics​. Number combinations that we generate are FREE to use at the players own discretion.


Lotto probability reports that we generate for each individual lottery, give us an outline of how many different draw pattern group types there are for each particular lottery and that's how we start to create our prediction charts. Each lottery has its own total number of draw pattern group types.

Mega Millions                               92 draw patterns

Powerball                                      92 draw patterns

California Super Lotto                  51 draw patterns

Euro Millions                                 51 draw patterns

Lotto America                               68 draw patterns

Lucky for Life                                 51 draw patterns

Prediction spreadsheet charts are each located at the bottom of the prediction pages.

Actual predictions that we make for each individual draw pattern group types are located on the charts just below the number of the group type and are indicated by a large RED X.  


Our predictions are designated on the charts by 10 different Red X's located just under the name and number of the type of draw pattern. These indicate both our predictions and what number combinations we've decided to generate FREE number combinations for the next upcoming drawing. Our predictions are estimated based on what has a more likely chance of coming up as there is no way to know for 100% sure due to the randomness of lotto drawings 

The Tinkermen Lotto Report has maintained an accurate statistics record of each correct draw pattern prediction that we've ever made since we first began making predictions on June 18th 2019 and they are available for review on Facebook and Google

Overall Correct Prediction Rates 67%


Mega Million Lottery - 72%

Powerball Lottery - 68%

Lotto America Lottery - 69%

Euro Millions Lottery - 64%

California Super Lotto - 61%


Also located on each of our prediction pages you will see there are 10 different draw pattern group type names listed on the page called our Lottery List. These are the same draw patterns that are also designated with the Red X in the charts and these particular draw pattern group type names are hyperlinked text that take you to our numbers generator page. Click on the Double Low Draw Pattern group name in this example below to be taken to our generator page for that type of draw pattern.

* Double Low Double Forty Draw Pattern

* Double Teen Draw Pattern

* Double Twenty Draw Pattern

* Double Twenty Double Thirty Draw Pattern

* Double Twenty Double Forty Draw Pattern 

* Double Thirty Draw Pattern

* Double Forty Draw Pattern

* Triple Forty Draw Pattern

* Ascending Draw Pattern

Once your taken to the generator page you will see that there are no lottery number combinations that have yet been generated. In order to generate our FREE number combinations you need to click on the GENERATE button. 

double low draw pattern.JPG

Once you click on the GENERATE button, you will now be able to see number combinations that fit within a particular draw pattern.  Continue clicking on the GENERATE button and the generator will continue coming up with new combinations for you to choose from.  Our draw pattern predictions and number combinations are easiest to use when purchasing a lottery ticket using a mobile courier ticket App

double low draw pattern2.JPG

When deciding to use this type of insight and information to play specific number combinations with, over the use of using convenient quick pick tickets, its known as using a playing STRATEGY to try to win the lottery on purpose.  Using a lotto playing strategy in conjunction with playing in a lottery pool to increase the number of overall combinations, has often been suggested by those within the lotto industry.  

One of the aspects that we like to consider when making draw pattern predictions, as shown in this example below, is notice how the Double Thirty draw pattern group type has not come up in the past 19 past winning lottery drawings for the Lucky for Life lottery.

This that tells us that because it hasn't come up in such a long period of time and we know that it should come up over time based on its mathematical structure of an 8.99% draw rate, that it is most likely due to come up soon. It doesn't mean it will because draw patterns often do fluctuate and there can be long periods between the next time a draw pattern group type will repeat.

predictions due to come up.JPG

The Tinkermen Lotto Report was created to help teach lotto players about the use of a lotto playing STRATEGY in an attempt for lotto players to try to win the lottery on purpose. 


We do that by continuing to strive everyday to live up to our motto that 'We Aim for You to Win" and we wish everyone the best of luck in life and lotto.

Please Play Responsibly - The Tinkermen Lotto Report