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We Apologize Our Selective Number's Generators Are Temporarily unavailable while we upgrade our prediction platform

that use Unique Field Number

Generation within Predefined Targeted Theoretical Scopes

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The Tinkermen Lotto Report's special selective number's combinations that we create and provide as an additional service for a small one-time payment subscription, we believe are unique to the entire lotto industry and are not based on the common use of normal statistical number filtering algorithms and techniques that can usually be found on the web.


"Each lottery draw pattern

behaves in it's own unique

way over time when it's

drawn as a winning combination"

Our special selective number combinations are based on knowledge and insight of how draw patterns actually behave over time and within the foundational structure of lotto probability draw pattern mathematics. 


Taking risk to exactly pinpoint, predict, target and reduce the overall number of combinations that we generate as our special selective number's combinations is just one of the aspect's that we use for meeting our goal of attempting to help more people to actually win the lottery.

With your support we can grow the Lotto Probability Database Repository to Add and include additional lotteries from all around the world.

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The difference between our FREE number's generator found on our Predictions Page and our special selective numbers generator that you can gain access to through a small one time payment. Is that our FREE generator generates all of the possible combinations for a particular draw pattern, while our selective number's generator generates certain aspects of draw patterns that we believe are the most due.


This enables us to reduce the overall amount of number combinations that we generate for particular draw patterns and to directly attempt to target What's Next as a winning lottery combination for lottery players around the World.


Reminder that any type of combination for a particular draw pattern can come up at any given time due to the random nature of the lottery.


Let's look at some of our examples below at how we attempt to determine a Special Selective Draw Pattern Number Combination to generate number combinations for:


Here we're quickly listing all of the possible Double Teen Combinations below, reminder that any type of combination can be equally drawn over time due to the random nature of the lottery, but notice how there are more types of some number combinations than others when we write them out in a list (Circled in RED)

An image showing all Possible Double Teen Draw Pattern Combinations

Let's take this insight from above even one step further by looking at all of the double teen number combinations that have come up over time within the last approximately 400 past draws of the Mega Millions Lottery, separating the entire list of Double Teen Draw Pattern Combinations in particular by there specific type of combination. 


This is a list of most of the past winning Double Teen Draw Pattern Combinations that have been draw over the last 400 drawings for the Mega Millions Lottery:

An image showing past Double Teen Mega Millions draws on a spreadsheet

Now, this is the same list of Mega Millions Past Double Teen Combinations but now separated by their particular combination group types by numerical order. See how there are way more double teen combinations that start with the number 10 than any other number combination that's come up in the past draws? 


That's because there's just more number combinations overall that start with the number ten, bouncing around inside of the lottery draw machine, so they tend to come up more frequently over time as winning lottery number combinations.

An image showing past Double Teen combinations with the ones starting with the number 10.

BUT WAIT there's more... if you were to scroll back up to the original list of past winning double teen combinations you'd have to look very close, but if we didn't take into consideration that a double teen combination greater than 13-17 hadn't come up in the last two years we'd be missing an opportunity to zoom in on and precisely predict What's the Next type of combination that's most likely to come up as a winning double teen draw pattern combination soon. 

Narrowing down and targeting precisely to the most accurate possible type of combination is how we ultimately decide on what special selective number combinations we offer the public because 


'We Aim for You to Win'  


  In this example below taken from the same past Double Teen Draw Pattern combinations, you can see that July 2019 was the last time a Double Teen combination was drawn greater than 13-17 (In this past example). So all combinations greater than that were most likely due to come up soon, which allows us to narrow down the total number of combinations that we generate for this particular draw pattern and offer as a selective number combination.

An image of past double teen draw combinations for the mega million's lottery

Then on August 24th, 2021 just 4 days after this article page was created and published, another Double Teen draw pattern did come up as the winning draw pattern number combination for the Mega Millions Lottery and as correctly predicted (This Time) the number combination was higher than 13-17 after a two year period with the combination being 17-18.

We Got Lucky, had we decided to start generating number combinations greater than 13-17 for this particular draw pattern even just a year earlier, it would have taken an entire year for a combination to come up as the winning drawn pattern group type that we had predicted.


Playing the lottery with a particular strategy in mind can take time, patience and LUCK and there is no guarantee our special selective number combinations will win you a lottery jackpot.  We make daily calculated determinations based on past and present draw pattern behavior in making future predictions and generating number combinations that we believe are the most possible to come up soon.  

An image showing a double teen combination higher than 13, 19 had come up that we had predicted

Did you also happen to notice in our spreadsheet example above how the Double Teen Draw Pattern had come up 24 times as the first two drawn numbers and only 13 times as the second and third number drawn? Our Special Selective Numbers attempt to target what's coming 'Next' so you get the best shot at having the right type of combination that fits within the draw pattern that's most likely due to come up next.

Predicting and generating the exact combination of all of the winning lottery numbers to come up for any given lottery drawing is extremely difficult, even when mass producing them on a large scale like we attempt to do.  The Tinkermen Lotto Report's special selective number generator attempts to narrow down the field of number combinations that are most POSSIBLE to come up. Try our:

What's Next  Lotto Probability Distribution

using Unique Field Number Generation

within Predefined Targeted Theoretical Scopes TODAY


For a one-time non-reoccurring payment of just $20, players gain instant access to use any of our selective number's generators for a six-month subscription period and also gain instant access to our new Extended Lotto Probability Database. Lotto Number Combinations provided by the Tinkermen Lotto Report website, are for educational purposes in order to teach lotto players about Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics. Number Combinations that we generate as selective number combinations are FREE to use at the players own discretion. 

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