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California Super Lotto

 Mega Millions


Our Lottery Pool is Free to join, just sign up and play along with us by purchasing your own lottery tickets and including them in our group

(Currently only available for California residents)

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We’re very happy to announce, that we’re now forming a public Lottery Pool Group, that anyone within the state of California 18+ and over, can now join us to play the Mega Millions, Powerball and the California Super Lotto together as a group.

We now use a very reliable lottery ticket courier purchase provider company called Lottery Now, that is currently one of the only mobile lottery Apps on the market that you can actually play the California Super Lotto with, based out of San Francisco, California.

Lottery Now will fulfill the order, digitize the tickets, manage all of winning tracking results, and help handle claims for the winnings on the customer's behalf, which has built one of the safest and most reliable mobile phone apps that’s called the Mido Lotto App.

Mido Lotto, follows strict compliance protocols in accordance with all federal and state regulations including age verification and geofencing, as well as responsible gaming measures which include strictly enforced daily, weekly and monthly order limits. 

Feel free to join us by signing up with the Mido Lotto App first and then ask us to send you a link to be added to our Tinkermen Lotto Report ticket pool group, to play along with us.

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