Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Report Outline

General Information – This page of the probability report details different pieces of information about the many attributes used to construct the report and to make the mathematical calculations found within the report.

Matrix Model – Each particular lottery depending on the structure and the total number of numbers used to play the game, have different overall amounts of matrices within them. These matrices are then used to properly determine a lotteries overall structure makeup model, so that mathematics can then be applied to determine a lotteries number of combinations for each pattern and sub-pattern.


Mathematics Model – This page gives details regarding the number of combinations that can be found for each particular draw pattern and the amount of time that a particular draw pattern should be drawn over time according to the math.

Past Draws – This page separates all of the past draws from a lottery, by their respective draw pattern group type over time. It allows players and analysis to visually see how many past draws have been drawn for each particular draw pattern type.  

Statistics – This page shows the number of times a past lottery draw has come up over time for each particular draw pattern, the number of times it is supposed to come up according to the math and the number of times it did come up as a winning draw, displayed by the actual number and by percentages of time.

  • Tinkermen Lotto Report

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