Scroll through the entire Spreadsheet below to view the past draws of the
Mega Millions lottery separated by their individual draw pattern group types  

(Click on the Statistics Tab at the bottom of the report to see
the percentage rate that each draw pattern comes up over time)


This is a Mathematical Discovery in Lotto, it proves
that Lotteries are not completely Random events

                                           - Terry Materese ‘Lotto People Magazine’

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Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Report Outline


Past Draws Tab – Separates all of the past draws of a lottery, by their respective draw pattern group types.

Mathematics Model Tab – Details the mathematics model structure, the number of combinations for each particular draw pattern and the percentage a draw pattern should be drawn over time.


Matrix Model Tab – Provides model structures for each particular draw pattern that mathematics can then be applied to determine a lotteries number of combinations.  


Statistics Tab – Shows the number of times a past lottery draw pattern has come up over time, in comparison to the theoretical expected value outcomes.


Draw Order Tab – Allows lotto players and analysis to have access to all of the past draws according to their draw pattern group type and date draw.


General Information Tab – Details different aspects and attributes used to construct the probability report, to determine the mathematical calculations.

(Page Tabs for the different sections are located at the bottom of the report)