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Novi Sign & Geek Land selected for Kiosk Predictive Platform Technology Services

The Tinkermen Lotto Report is happy to announce that it has selected both Novi Sign & Geek Land as two of the leading technology companies that will support our new Kiosks Prediction Platform.

Novi Sign, a SaaS company, will help manage all of our predictive and advertising online content services through their easy-to-use Cloud Based Digital Signage Software based on the Amazon S3 (AWS) cloud platform.

While Geek Land will provide the on-premises Android Touchscreen Display Device Screens themselves. Soon to begin installation at convenience store locations in the Southern California area after beta testing has been completed.

Both of these leading technology companies will allow the Tinkermen Lotto Report to bring lotto number generation and predictive services directly to the public for the first time ever in our ongoing effort to actually help more people win the lottery.

The new kiosk prediction platform will allow us to run advertising for local businesses in surrounding areas to reduce the overall fees for the platform’s installation and yearly subscription costs. Ads will be created by the Waymark Artificial Intelligence video advertising company, bringing additional value to convenience stores, local businesses, and retailers.

'We Aim for You to Win'

- The Tinkermen Lotto Report

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