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Recent changes to the Tinkermen Lotto Report

On Saturday April 23rd 2022 the Tinkermen Lotto Report began to make several significant computer & platform format upgrade changes on our website which included:

We first upgraded from Microsoft 10 to Microsoft 11, that gave us better control options for formatting our Lotto Probability Excel Database Spreadsheets

Next, we then began moving our Draw Pattern Prediction Charts from our Google Sheets Account to now include those same charts within our Lotto Probability Database Reports, and then we started removing those same charts from our daily prediction lottery list. Then we linked those charts on our Lottery List Predictions to our Free online Lotto Probability Reports within the Database.

Due to these particular changes, we will now STOP posting our daily correct predictions within our Forum & Blog post, as our Draw Pattern Predictions are now static & never change, but we'll continue to update our overall Statistics Pages for our correct predictions every day.

Overall updates on our website will take several days to complete as we continue to “Aim for You to Win”

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