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The Tinkermen Lotto Report is a unique online Lottery Forum and Lotto Probability Database Repository. We also specialize in providing Free lottery draw pattern predictions and generated number combinations for the public to use. 

This website was created to have a community discussion that advocates the playing of the lottery, using the most convenient online mobile technologies, while incorporating a predictable game playing strategy of using favorable number combinations.


The Tinkermen Lotto Report, is grounded, in principle, on the  natural selection of lottery numbers  to come up as winning draw combinations, based on the sound foundation of

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics

The idea to form the Tinkermen Lotto Probability Report Database, was originally conceived by John Francis, after his own independent lotto research & discovery was initially verified by Lotto People Magazine in 2002. 


Eighteen years later, The Tinkermen Lotto Report, launched on the internet in June of 2019. After months of testing, its Lottery Prediction Probability Chart & Strategy Model was developed.  


We have always believed that Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Reports within our database should follow an open-source share alike platform.  We are currently seeking to become a subsidiary of another 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, under an umbrella agreement with the right company within the field of education and mathematics.  Please reach out to us if you feel our company would qualify to partner with your charitable organization.


We encourage new forum members who want to learn more about Draw Pattern Mathematics or similar lotto game playing strategies to also visit our friends @



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 by Renato Gianella 

For more in-depth information, drawing results and history about a particular lottery, Lottery USA is one of the oldest and largest lottery archives on the web @



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