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How To Use The
Tinkermen Lotto Report 
To Play The Lottery

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The Tinkermen Lotto Report features a freely accessible database repository for the public that’s updated daily, that advocates the playing of the lottery using the most convenient online mobile technologies, while incorporating a predictable game playing strategy of using favorable number combinations so that more people can win the lottery.

If your new here, actually the best way to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report is to take our draw pattern challenge and check your quick-pick or lucky-dip tickets against the past draws database repository so you can see for yourself, how playing favorable number combinations on purpose could improve your chances of winning the lottery. 

How to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report to Play the Lottery


Play Page: You can now play USA & World-Wide lotteries securely on your smartphone with our helpful directory listing of mobile lottery ticket-courier App providers and find more resources and information from leading lottery industry organizations and strategy providers.


Prediction Page: Provides Free lotto number’s generation for the public based on the draw pattern’s most due, have a higher or lower probability of coming up or a higher or lower number of combinations possible. Generate as many lotto number combinations as you would like within the selected draw patterns featured, that allows us to currently maintain a 90% correct prediction rating for 6 major lotteries.

Database Page: The database repository is updated daily after each drawing, featuring a visual outline by color code of the entire structured makeup of each lotteries own unique matrix and mathematics models, based on Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics. That beautifully separates all of the past draws according to their draw pattern group types, with up-to-date statistics and a draw pattern tracking chart that analytically allows players to visually see each lotteries behavior over time.  

Blog Page: Get announcement updates from our website that we feature from time to time on our progress as we continue to add new content to our database repository.

Learn deeper insights into
How to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report to Play the Lottery

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First Step:  Deciding on which Draw Pattern to Play

When trying to determine which particular Draw Pattern to play, keep in mind that over time all draw patterns should come up according to their mathematical draw rate percentage which can be found on the Statistics Page of each database report.  

Since there's no 100% sure way of determining which draw pattern will come up for the next draw, we like to play the draw patterns that are the most due to come up.

If we took another snapshot of the Mega Millions past draws in another five-year time span it would look very similar to the one below, as each draw pattern over time comes up according to the number of combinations it has mathematically.

Mega Miilions five year draw pattern chart history

Now here's the same 8 main draw patterns highlighted on the chart below and we can see that the double forty draw pattern hasn't come up the longest out of all 8 of them.

Mega Millions Prediction Chart image

Second Step:  Choosing which numbers to Play

Some draw patterns have more erratic sub-draw pattern behavior than others and it looks like the double forty draw pattern for the Mega Millions lottery has been favoring coming up as the 3rd and 4th number drawn most of the time in its past draw history.  View the Past Draws Page of any of the six major lotteries that we host within our database repository to see how other draw pattern group types behave over time.

Mega Millions Double Forty Draw Pattern image

Also keep in mind when selecting a double forty number combination that while any one of the 45 possible combinations of them can come up at any time, there's just more of them that start with the numbers 40, 41 & 42, so they do tend to come up more often in the draw history over time.

All double forty draw pattern combinations image

Last Step:  How to play your lotto numbers

We encourage players to use one of the convenient lotto ticket-courier Apps that can be found on our Play Page, if it's available in your location to play the lottery. But using the standard lotto play slip at any official lotto retail counter by filling out the form works just as well. 

Let us do all of the work for you if you would like and feel free use our lotto Predictions and Lotto Number Generators and generate all of the draw pattern number combinations that you would like and then use those particular numbers when you fill out the ticket or use the ticket-courier App. 

Or take an even deeper dive into the past draw history of a particular lottery yourself by subscribing to our special Extended Lotto Reports for six months. Our Extended Reports have a special search function that allows you to see how often your favorite numbers have come up within all of the past draws of a lottery. 

image of Tinkermen Lotto Report's Extended Search Function image

We hope our brief example was helpful and remember that it's okay to use your favorite numbers when making your number combination up as we continue to 

'WAim for You to Win'

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