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How To Use The
Tinkermen Lotto Report 
To Play The Lottery

The Tinkermen Lotto Report features a freely accessible database repository for the public that’s updated daily, that advocates the playing of the lottery using the most convenient online mobile technologies, while incorporating a predictable game playing strategy of using favorable number combinations so that more people can win the lottery.

If your new here, actually the best way to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report is to take our draw pattern challenge and check your quick-pick or lucky-dip tickets against the past draws database repository so you can see for yourself, how playing favorable number combinations on purpose could improve your chances of winning the lottery. 

How to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report to Play the Lottery


Play Page: You can now play USA & World-Wide lotteries securely on your smartphone with our helpful directory listing of mobile lottery ticket-courier App providers and find more resources and information from leading lottery industry organizations and strategy providers.


Prediction Page: Provides Free lotto number’s generation for the public based on the draw pattern’s most due, have a higher or lower probability of coming up or a higher or lower number of combinations possible. Generate as many lotto number combinations as you would like within the selected draw patterns featured, that allows us to currently maintain a 90% correct prediction rating for 6 major lotteries.

Database Page: The database repository is updated daily after each drawing, featuring a visual outline by color code of the entire structured makeup of each lotteries own unique matrix and mathematics models, based on Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics. That beautifully separates all of the past draws according to their draw pattern group types, with up-to-date statistics and a draw pattern tracking chart that analytically allows players to visually see each lotteries behavior over time.  

Forum Page: Allows players from all around the World to discuss lotto strategy in a public location, while learning deeper insights about the lottery from each other’s playing experiences.

Blog Page: Get announcement updates from our website that we feature from time to time on our progress as we continue to add new content to our database repository.

Learn deeper insights into
How to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report to Play the Lottery

It's been generally believed since the 1960's that all previous past draws, and lottery number combinations have just as much an equal chance of coming up on the very next draw, and none of its previous numerical records has any particular meaning, value or effect on the next drawing. 


Because of such beliefs, most people (70%) tend to play the lottery using quick-pick tickets believing that any lottery number combination has just as much an equal chance of winning the lottery by sheer luck, as any other. 

The Tinkermen Lotto Report was created specifically to prove that lotteries played in over 100 nations can be won on purpose by more people, overall, by using the most convenient online mobile technologies, while incorporating a predictable game playing strategy of using favorable number combinations. Take a brief look here below at the challenge we're faced with and see for yourself if you'd like to change the way you look and play the lottery.


To accomplish our mission, we provide Future Predictions and lotto number generation for particular lottery Draw Patterns with the highest probability of coming up, and we feel our over 90% correct prediction rate for six major lotteries is already in part, supporting this type of game playing strategy application. 

But using the Tinkermen Lotto Report Database Repository to determine and select your own particular lottery number combinations for each drawing can be accomplished in several different ways and just as a reminder, subscribing to our special Extended Lotto Reports does offer players deeper insights into a lottery's past draw pattern behavior as your about to learn and see for yourself below.


As an added bonus your 6-month subscription also comes with access to our Selective Numbers Generators, where we have already used our predictive analysis of the draw patterns ourselves after each drawing, to attempt to specifically target 'What's Next' at a deeper level so players can have the best shot at having the right type of combination match that fits within each particular draw pattern that's the most likely due to come up next.


In this article we'll cover two basic schools of thought and things to look for and quickly check, before you decide on your particular lottery numbers, whether you're playing your favorite state or local lottery, a Fantasy Five or for the much bigger jackpots like the Mega Millions or Powerball games. You can also use your favorite numbers too!


This is a good starting point when it comes to playing draw patterns and includes ideas on how to incorporate your favorite or luckiest numbers, because we all have them. In fact, ours happens to be the number 10, because the Tinkermen Lotto Report was partly formed because of this particular numerical digit & number way back in 2002. 


First, you can decide on playing the draw patterns that come up and repeat the most frequently over time and those particular draw patterns that are the most due within that group. Which also happen to have a much higher total number of combinations possible. Which could give the lotto player more total chances overall at having the correct type of draw pattern number combination match, more frequently and more often to try and win the jackpot, but with lower overall odds at having the exact combination to match the winning numbers drawn.


Or you can decide on playing draw patterns that come up less frequently over time and that have a much lower overall total number of combinations possible, but that are also most due for their type of draw pattern. Which would in turn give the lotto player fewer total chances over time at having the correct type of draw pattern number combinations, less frequently. But lower the overall odds at having the same exact number combination that matches the winning numbers when that particular draw pattern is finally drawn.

The one main thing to keep in mind as you read the information below is that when you play a randomly computer generated quick-pick ticket, those particular number combinations that your purchasing don't attempt in any way to predict or zero in and target the next draw. Since lotto probability is similar to the game of card poker probability, in that there both calculated using combinatorics it would be like sitting down and not trying to make or play the best hand possible.   

In our two examples that were about to use from the Mega Millions lottery, we'll use the Double Forty Draw Pattern MMP71 that has a total of 23,006,250 million different possible number combinations and that has come up on average about 9 times each year as the winning draw pattern, and the Double Teen Double Twenty Draw Pattern MMP24. That has a total of 2,531,250 million different possible number combinations and comes up on average about 2 times per year and both would be considered most due for their particular type of draw patterns.

Playing The Most Frequent & Most Due Draw Patterns:

We know based on the mathematics model taken from the Tinkermen Lotto Report's Database Repository, that some draw patterns have way more lottery number combinations than others and because of that fact come up more often, but how do we decide on which particular draw pattern to play next? 


Using this example chart below taken from the Mega Millions past five-year history between 2016 and 2020 we can clearly see 8 leading draw patterns that outperformed all the others and had the most draws. So those would definitely be considered the most Frequently drawn Draw Patterns, so how do we determine the 'Most Due?'

If you don't have a mathematics model or prediction chart for your particular state run or local lottery, understanding that having any pair of two of the same type of number combinations i.e. two Teens, Twenty's or Thirty's ect. would also likely constitute that they are more likely to come up more often verses having three Teens, Twenty's or Thirty number combinations or pairs of number combinations like Double Teen Double Twenty.

The first thing that we like to do is to check the Draw Pattern Prediction Chart within our Free online database repository for one of our six major lotteries that we host and see which of the main draw patterns hasn't come up in a long while and is the most overdue to be drawn. Refer to the mathematics page to see which draw patterns have the highest numbers of total combinations possible if you're not sure which ones are the main draw patterns. They are usually the double low's, double teens, double twenty's ect. and there also listed on the prediction's pages.


For our eight main draw patterns that come up the most for the Mega Millions Lottery below in the prediction chart we can clearly see that out of the eight draw patterns that we just pointed out from above that the Double Forty Draw Pattern hasn't come up in over the past 200 days. 


You can also learn more from our extended lotto reports about how often the double forty and other draw patterns on average over time tend to come up, which would actually normally be about every 35 days for the double forty draw pattern on average. In fact, of the 46 total times that's it's ever been drawn for the Mega Millions lottery, only twice did it ever go above 100 days before being drawn again, so it's breaking its own record in this case of being overdue as of January 2023.

Now that we've decided on which particular draw pattern that we want to play the most that comes up and repeats the most often based on our example, now how to we go about choosing which particular numbers do we feel would give us the best opportunity to match the winning lottery numbers that do come up once this type of draw pattern does come up as the winning lottery draw.


Again, we prefer to reference our extended lotto report for the easy and quick answer, but you can usually visually see the answer when looking at the past draws of a particular draw pattern in our online database repository and see where all the numbers for that type of draw pattern are normally coming up most.


In the case of the double forty draw pattern for the Mega Millions lottery, the two forty numbers tend to come up the most as the third and fourth number drawn based on its past history of 46 past times drawn as the winning draw pattern. That doesn't mean it will the next time this type of number combination its drawn, but it does give us some insight into its past history to make a better determination on future draws of this type ahead.

The next step that we like to take to decide on which particular numbers we feel most comfortable in playing with our two double forty numbers is to look down each column position and see what types of numbers are more likely coming up overall in each of the past draws or hasn't occurred in a while.


In the first position it's pretty clear that Low and Teen numbers come up the most, with a twenty coming up one single time and a thirty coming up only twice before. So were going to play a Low number or a Teen as the very first number, maybe we'll go ahead and play our favorite lucky number 10 as our first number or someone's birthday or something significant that means a lot to us.

Since we know we're not going to play a forty number in the second position, and we already played a teen as the first number it looks like we're going to have to play a twenty or thirty number for our second number in that position. We do a quick Google search and turns up January 28th turns out to be the luckiest day of the year and it seems like a good fit for one of our 5 numbers, so we make the choice and go with lucky #28.

Now comes another cool part of trying to figure out which two particular forty number combinations do we want to choose from? While they all have an equal chance of coming up on the next draw, there's just more combinations of them that start with the numbers 40, 41 or 42 so I think well go for our example with a random pick of 41-49. So, so far, we have the combination of 10, 28, 41, 49 and now it's time to choose our very last number before picking the Mega Number. 

Since it looks like a sixty number has pretty much dominated this last position in the past and hasn't come up in the last two drawings and we all know the 60's were some of the most interesting years of the twentieth century, we'll just go with the very last number of that decade being 69.


That bring us to selecting our Mega number and while we have 25 of them to choose from, from looking over the Mega number's column real quick within the Mega Millions database it seems pretty obvious to us that a Mega number of 20 thru 25 hasn't come up in the past twenty drawings, so we'll just go with the very last one of #25 just to stay out here on the very edge with our selection of our last number.


That brings us to the conclusion of our chosen lottery number combination of 10, 28, 41, 49, 69 and Mega number of 25 to have a single shot at having a similar type of number combination as the draw pattern that we believe to be most due for the next Mega Millions drawing.

Playing the Most Due Draw Pattern with a Lower Number of Combinations possible:

The Double Teen Double Twenty Draw Pattern might not tend to come up that often on average per year, per say for most lotteries around the World, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have something to offer a lottery player trying to use a playing strategy to win the lottery on purpose.


Besides having a much lower overall total number of combinations possible, draws patterns of certain types can offer players more consistency with their past draw history when selecting number combinations. 


Let's quickly look over some past draws from different lotteries at just the Double Teen Double Twenty Draw Pattern to see if we notice anything that would help us make better choices in the future when playing this type of draw pattern.

euro millions double teen double twenty.jpg

That's interesting, based on what we're seeing here within these particular draw pattern behaviors in the Powerball lottery viewed against the other lotteries, it would seem a low number is due to come up in the first position at some point in the future.

The Mega Millions Double Teen Double Twenty Draw Pattern hasn't occurred that many times overall in the past because this particular lottery changed its drawing number format in October of 2017, so we don't have that many past draws to go by yet compared to other lotteries around the World.

When selecting our numbers for this type of draw pattern we have to first decide on how were going to play it and just based on looking at other drawings from the other lotteries it's pretty plain to see that although the double teen aspect tends to come up the most in the first and second position it does often come up in the third and fourth positions as well after an amount of time and draws.


So, we've went ahead and decided randomly on playing a low number in the first position, just because this is our first type of public recommendation of how to play this particular draw pattern, so we're going to go with the #1 as our first number for a choice.


Playing particular numbers that have some sort of real connection to us in some meaningful way we believe is also an important aspect of trying to win the lottery on purpose. What we mean by this is that if you're going to take anything seriously away from trying to come up with the exact matching number combination for a million-dollar jackpot, playing something meaningful is just as important an aspect when you're up against millions of other combinations for this type of draw pattern as any other means of trying to figure out how to select them by.  

While our extended lotto reports do offer much more insights like these Sub-Draw Pattern Chart's below that shows visually and analytically how often different sub-draw patterns have come up over time. In some cases, information of this type can be really helpful and, in some cases, (like this one for mega Millions) the information just isn't extensive enough or helpful enough for this type of draw pattern and doesn't tell us enough to make a meaningful decision with it.


Both Matrices and Mathematics models are similar for both lotteries, and yet are behaving a little differently in regard to this particular draw pattern at the early onset of these two young lotteries draw history.

Again, like we did earlier before were now faced with making a choice for a Double Teen & Double Twenty number combination after selecting our first number and again we quickly decide on going with the better choices we feel of 10 & 11 and 20 & 25 knowing there's just more of these types of combinations coming up more often because there's just more of them that start with a number 10 & 20.


That leaves us again with selecting the Mega number and as we just learned earlier a number 20 thru 25 hasn't come up in the last twenty some odd past draws so were sticking with our lucky number 25 as we did before with our Double Forty draw pattern selection and that makes up our combination of 1, 10, 11, 20, 25 and Mega number 25 for our Double Teen Double Twenty draw pattern.


We hope this brief overview of how to use the Tinkermen Lotto Report Database Repository has shed some light on how to go about choosing a particular draw pattern to play and how to somewhat go about selecting your number combination choices. 

As is explained in this short example of winning the latest Billion-dollar Mega Millions Jackpot Drawing in Maine for $1.348 Billion. Trying to win the lottery on purpose is literally like trying to take a snapshot of a shooting star streaking across the sky, and we know based on this short math synopsis that it's not as impossible as one might think.


You just have to be at the right place at the right time and be patient, play favorable lottery number combinations that give you the best chance and then and only then also wish for a bit of luck to come your way to have the right winning lottery numbers, but it can and has already been done by others in the past before you.

Leading up to the January 13th, 2023, billion-dollar Mega Millions drawing the Tinkermen had already predicted that a Double Forty draw pattern was the most due and when the actual draw pattern that did come up that night after 26 draws was a Triple Forty instead, we were also not at all taken by surprise. 

The Triple Forty draw pattern was also one of the most due having gone some 240 days since last coming up in May of 2022, and usually repeats on average every 195 days. Typically, the Tinkermen Lotto Report being in our first few years as a start-up, tends to normally only announce Double Draw Patterns as our most due on our prediction's pages, because we know those come up both mathematically and statistically the most. 

We know your money is important and we try and not to guide anyone in the wrong direction based on our most due predictions. But this particular drawing caught our attention to offer more information regarding what we post as draw patterns most due to include more draw patterns that don't come up as often in the future. 

Some 280 million tickets had to be sold for that particular drawing in order to have one ticket to have the correct match, because we know many people that are playing quick-pick tickets are being given number combinations for all of the 92 different draw patterns for the Mega Millions lottery and many of those pattern group types aren't drawn or don't come up for years and sometimes decades.  


Our prediction page does include the triple forty draw pattern as one of our regular predictions and generates number combinations Freely for the public to use and we hope to be more forthright concerning these other types of draw patterns as most due, more often in the future.

Like always, we wish you and your family the best of luck in life & lotto as we continue to 'Aim for You to Win'

- Tinkermen Lotto Report

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