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Example of our interactive feature within our extended lotto reports

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Our Interactive SEARCH function allows lotto players to enter their favorite lotto numbers and then displays the total number of times it has come up within the entire past draw history database of your favorite lottery. The search function also gives you the number of days between draws that the number, draw pattern or mega number came up or repeated on average over time.

One of its most amazing features, is that the interactive search function highlights your favorite number, draw pattern or mega number (By Color) throughout the entire past draw history of the database, allowing lotto players to view those particular number results analytically as they were drawn over time.

Players can learn very quickly as to what chances their favorite numbers actually have had in the past and in the future just based on a few seconds of search results within the database.

search function2.JPG

Subscribers will also receive access to our most advanced Sub-Draw Pattern Prediction Charts that analytically describe past draws using a visual methodology for how strong a particular sub-draw pattern has been performing in the past in relation to other sub-draw patterns of the same group type.

This new chart methodology helps to allows players to visually see what particular group patterns have been coming up the most within a particular draw pattern overall and possibly most due to be drawn next in the future based on its past draw history.


In this recent up to date example below displaying all of the Mega Millions Double Thirty Sub-Draw Patterns we can see that sub-draw patterns D, G, H, L, N, O and R have been coming up the most overall. 

Double Thirty Draw Pattern Mega Millions.jpg

Our Extended Lotto Probability Reports also show greater statistical analysis details for each draw and sub-draw pattern group types for each lottery that we feature within the Tinkermen Lotto Report database.  Helping players determine which draw and sub-draw patterns are performing better than others within each group allow us to help players focus their efforts at winning a lottery on purpose. 

Statistics California Super Lotto.jpg

Our approach to creating these interactive Probability Reports with Extended Analysis that are updated after each drawing, will be to help lotto players to learn even deeper insights into each lottery's own unique behavior, so that players can gain the favorable number combination playing edge that they've been searching for.  

Extended Lotto Probability Reports that we create allow lotto players to use interactive SEARCH functions within the entire Past Draw History of each individual lottery that can only be accessed using a (PC) Personal Computer. Smartphones and Tablets are currently excluded

from this interactive search function.

Extended Lotto Probability Reports provided by the Tinkermen Lotto Report website, are for educational purposes in order to teach lotto players about Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics. Number Combinations that we generate are FREE to use at the players own discretion.



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