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Lotto Draw Pattern Chart
Behavior Basics

We often get asked at the Tinkermen Lotto Report, what number combinations do you recommend we play right now and how do you decide which draw pattern to play next.

When trying to determine what’s the best Lotto Draw Pattern to play that might come up soon as the winning number combination, these are the kinds of behaviors that we often see happen within our Prediction Charts for some lotteries and draw patterns over time…

Double Draw Patterns (Double Low, Double Teen, Double Twenty, ect. for example) come up more frequently over time than any other kind of draw pattern because there's just more combinations possible overall.

Double Draw Patterns Most Due (Double Low, Double Teen for example) that have not come up in a while as a winning draw pattern in a long time would be considered the most due to come up soon as the winning draw pattern.


Last Winning Draw Pattern can sometimes repeat and come up again as the winning draw pattern within the next draw or two. 

Draw Patterns Run Hot for a period of time then cool down, scroll through any draw pattern prediction chart to see this type of draw pattern behavior. 

Draw Patterns Bounce Rate have a steady rhythm to them, bouncing from low to higher draw patterns and then back again to lower draw patterns over several draws.

Triple Draw Patterns Often Repeat within the next 7 draws (Triple Teen for example) over time we’ve seen, but also come up as a different set of triple number combinations and draw pattern group type (Triple Thirty for example).

After a Double Double Draw Pattern Occurs (Double Teen Double Twenty for example) we often see within a few draws a Double Draw Pattern of the same group type come up as the winning draw pattern (Double Teen for example).

The example image below was taken from the California Super Lotto Draw Pattern Prediction Chart. Which shows that on November 3rd 2021, both a Double Teen and Double Forty Draw Pattern are the two most due draw patterns that should come up soon as the winning draw pattern number combination because neither have come up recently.

An image showing draw patterns that are the most due for the California lottery

Then just 3 draws later on November 13th, 2021, a Double Teen Draw Pattern did come up as 10, 15, 25, 36, 42 and mega number 15. But the Double Forty draw pattern didn't come up until 16 draws later on December 29, 2021. So, as you can see correctly choosing which draw pattern that is most due that is one will come up first is based on shall we say luck of the draw

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