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Retail Kiosk Marketing Device Platform

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Our unique retail Kiosk marketing platform provides small businesses within a small geographical area, direct to local consumer advertising capabilities utilizing the latest in digital technology including custom QR codes for discount offers and Ad performance tracking.


The platform is designed to help generate additional advertising revenue for retailers and a great fit for small businesses to advertise their local services to captive audiences in waiting areas such as Car Washes, Sports Bars, Laundry Mats, Truck Stops, and Lottery Retailers.  

Kisok Device output ties easily into Big Screen TV Displays.

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Advertising on our Kiosk

Reach local customers within your particle niche in your area with our unique Kiosk advertising platform that allows you to target specific regions and locations precisely on our standalone Kiosk touchscreen displays, bringing added value to your company.

Choose from our 6, 15 or 30 second video advertising plan subscriptions.

Our Lotto prediction programs now list draw patterns 'Most Due' according to mathematical percentages making it even easier for players to choose which top draw patterns to play.

Our prediction rates are at 90% collectively for all six of the major lotteries that we make predictions for including Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto America, and the California Super Lotto.

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Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Reports and Number Generation Programs created by the Tinkermen Lotto Report are for educational purposes in order to teach lotto players about

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics.

Lotteries are made up of independent random draws, which are mathematically deterministic and that lead to probable outcomes over the course of time, due to the law of large numbers. 


This allows us to make future predictions based upon fairly consistent mathematical draw pattern phenomena in an attempt to help more people win the lottery. All rights reserved without explicit permission by the Tinkermen Lotto Report © 2024

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