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Correct lottery prediction for the Powerball Lottery December 16th

The Tinkermen Lotto Report made its 108th correct prediction for the Powerball Lottery, of a Double Sixty Draw Pattern, before the draw took place on December 16th, 2020.

To view and play number combinations, generated by the Tinkermen Lotto Report, for the next upcoming prediction for the Powerball drawing taking place on December 19th click here:

The RED X on the Tinkermen Lotto Report Google spreadsheet indicates which predictions are made before the next draw. View the Google spreadsheet by clicking on the link below to see all of the correct prediction statistics for all five of the major lotteries that the Tinkermen Lotto Report makes predictions for that include;

Our Current Prediction Rates;

Mega Million Lottery - 72%

Powerball Lottery - 68%

Lotto America Lottery - 70%

Euro Millions Lottery - 63%

California Super Lotto - 61%

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