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Feedspot RSS content reader adds Tinkermen Lotto Report

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The Tinkermen Lotto Report is excited to announce, that it has officially qualified to Join the RSS aggregator content reader service Feed Spot and we’ve been placed on it’s top 35 Blogs & Forums post listings within the Lottery industry for public assess, to find and read all of our updated content we publish all over the web.

This will include all of our Blog updates to You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and many more...

This is a wonderful addition for us to be discovered and expand our footprint on the web, while at the same time managing all of our content updates to multiple channels and locations on the web, using a single connected resource that’s used by over four million subscribers.

For us in particular this is a great achievement, as this is only one of a few of the major quality search engine links that we have achieved on the web, that has been long anticipated for, since we officially launched on the internet on July 4th 2019.

As we continue to add content and finish updating our newly remodeled and now more modern Forum website, we feel we are now more ready than ever to give our new Forum members a wonderful place to have unique discussions on the many intriguing topics for the subject of Lotto.

4 good reasons to use Feedspot (from their About page)

Time – You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to visit websites every day to see what’s new. With RSS, you select your favorite sites and when they post something new, it will automatically feed into your reader.

Productivity – Since RSS readers put content in one place, it allows you to be incredibly productive. Let’s say you want to read ten blogs. And, the last thing you want is to receive ten emails every time the blog updates their content. You shouldn’t have to say, “I’m only going to subscribe to five blogs, because I can only handle five emails.” With an RSS, you can subscribe to as many or as few sites as you wish.

Research – Your boss has just asked you to put together a presentation on employee engagement for the Q3 managers meeting. With an RSS, you can flag content from your reader for a future date. So when you see an interesting article on employee engagement, you can tag it for your presentation.

Organization – I have varied interests. I like reading business blogs and food blogs. With an RSS, I can organize them so each type of content is separate. I read the business ones first thing in the morning so I’m up on what’s happening. Then the food blogs at night.

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