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How and Why to Play the Lottery Right Now - A Special 2021 Playing Advisement

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The Tinkermen Lotto Report is currently issuing a "Special Lottery Playing Advisement" throughout the United States, during these unprecedented times of social distancing. Here’s how to play online and why…

There’s a famous quote that's often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, although the quote actually originated from his friend & spiritual advisor William Widener, it still reverberates and rings true today, during a time like this;

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are”

As most of us know, American’s have always been firm believers in this type of ‘Do what we can’ mantra. It’s really what describes our collective character as a nation and brought us through countless struggles throughout our history. Do people actually play the lottery for a chance at hoping to strike a life-changing jackpot, sure they do. But more over people also know each time they buy a lottery ticket, their supporting that ‘Do what you can’ for their community as well.

In fact, during similar circumstances, people initially started playing the lottery in Puerto Rico, in 1934, to help raise money to fight a major outbreak of Tuberculosis at the time. Today, decades later even lottery sales are being viewed as essential funding for public services, as our states and retailers alike are in need of continued support. Playing online is faster, easier and more convenient than ever, with winning jackpots and funds being transferred electronically.

From the onset of the modern lottery though, since the start of the New Hampshire lottery in 1964, over $500 Billion has been raised throughout the US for local communities to help support things like education and schools, health care, pathways in parks and the construction of new senior centers.

We also know that Lotteries in and of themselves are not always exactly perfect at what they’re supposed to do for our communities or our nation. Economic Studies, psychologists and critics alike, have written extensively on the drawbacks and pitfalls of having and running lotteries for decades. We already know there not the perfect solution and answer to all the problems we face.

But the reality is, Lotteries have been around for a really long time and they’re partially interwoven into the world’s economies, with lotteries currently being played throughout the world in over 100 nations. In fact, lotteries have been around so long, there actually recorded in several instances in the Bible and were also even used to help finance the first establishment of the original colonies in America.

Today almost 3500 years later, we still have lotteries and we still use them to help support our communities by funding the construction of things like senior centers and to supplement educational cost and other needs throughout our great states.

But since the beginning of March 2020, Lottery sales have dropped across the board. One of the biggest reasons for the drop in sales is because historically speaking, leading the way in lottery sales has been the sale of lottery scratch off tickets, which nearly accounts for over 60% of the total revenue for the modern-day lottery. But with most states having ‘stay at home’ executive orders still in place, social distancing is not allowing for the typical play of lottery scratch off tickets.

With past yearly US Lottery sales of around 90 Billion, that means our states in general, which would normally receive about a 3rd of that revenue for each participating state for community programs, is losing millions of dollars right now each and every week. Originally, when lotteries throughout the US started to become popular during the 1980’s, Rebecca Paul, who’s been regarded as one of the pre-eminent lottery officials in the US, would often suggest to lottery players and the public that

"Anytime you buy gas, I want you to spend the change on a lottery ticket"

Conveying the notion, that collectively, a little change could make a big difference in people’s lives and communities. But as the lifting of ‘stay-at-home’ orders and social distancing are slowly lifted between states this year. Most Lottery players will still not be back to their normal routines and using their pocket change as their accustomed to playing the lottery for some time, continuing the effects on the lottery and the drop of sales revenue for our states and retailers and small businesses in general.

Some good news that is happening right now within the lottery industry, is that there are some brand new ways in which Americans can finally play the lottery online and from the safety of their own home. In fact, playing the lottery on line or using your mobile device has now become available in 21 states across the US. The Tinkermen Lotto Report has made this easy for everyone, by compiling a complete list, that official lottery tickets can now be purchased and played online from the safety of your own home for the following states;