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'Most Due' Draw Pattern Prediction Program Performance

We’ve been extremely encouraged by the results we’ve seen after two full weeks of successful testing of our mathematically determined ‘Most Due’ Draw Patterns Prediction Program.

The new program was developed and released for beta testing for Mega Millions, Powerball, and the California Super Lotto beginning on March 24th and has had 11 straight correct Draw Pattern predictions.

The program will now be expanded to Euro Millions, Lucky for Life, and Lotto America and should be available for use within the next two weeks.

The prediction program’s creation came about from our newest kiosk device development that we’re about to implement for beta testing in convenience store locations in the Southern California area.

The program is based on several algorithms found within Draw Pattern Mathematics that uses a derivative calculation analysis of 6 different variables. Each of these can be found in our Extended Lotto Subscription Reports on our main website from your mobile smartphone or home computer.

It uses a compiler formula that compares each Draw Pattern's empirical math and actual draw rates, the total times it was drawn, the number of days it was last drawn, the average number of days between draws, and the number of days past due its average number of days drawn to give us an output derivative rating.

We then extrapolate that output derivative rating into something that can be quantified as a chance percentage 'Most Due' probability estimates that each Draw Pattern has in comparison to the other Draw Patterns that we make predictions for and then put them in a list by ascending order.

You can keep track of our progress for how well these 'Most Due' predictions are doing by going to our Statistics Tracking Page.

- The Tinkermen Lotto Report

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