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Powerball Triple Twenty Draw Pattern Christmas Gift

While no one won the 600-million-dollar Powerball Jackpot on Christmas Day, this year was very special for all of us at the Tinkermen Lotto Report when our number one Powerball prediction of a Triple Twenty Draw Pattern came up as the winning draw.

The Triple Twenty Draw Pattern for Powerball was not only almost 900 days overdue its normal average of coming up about every 300 days, but the Double Twenty Draw Pattern for Powerball had already come a record-setting 18 times this past year alone in 2023 as well.

The only other Draw Pattern to come up as often in a single year for Powerball was the Double Thirty Draw Pattern, which also came up 18 times in 2022, since the numbers for Powerball were last formatted in October 2015.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you the best of Luck in Life and Lotto in the new year ahead in 2024.

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