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Kiosk Device Platform Begins Field Testing

Our newest touchscreen Kiosk device prediction and marketing platform began field testing in March 2024 at two different locations, one in Anaheim, CA., and one in South El Monte, CA.

The touchscreen Kiosk device platform allows Small Business owners to run low-cost advertising discounts in geographical areas using QR codes that can be scanned on the devices.

The platform can be installed in Car Washes, Sports Bars, Laundry Mats, Truck Stops, and Lottery Retailers, reaching captive audiences' and providing return advertising revenue to Retail Business Owners.

The Kiosk platform also allows retail customers to choose our 'Most Due' Lotto Draw Pattern predictions for players to receive our Free number combinations generated based on our unique mathematical compiler formula based on six different variables.

Both Kiosk device outputs were tied into large, big-screen TV displays in waiting areas to reach captive audiences where customers are waiting for services to be performed.

We have three more locations that we're currently working to install the devices into soon, with hopes to have 10 to 20 additional devices installed throughout Southern California by the end of the year.

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