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Retail Prediction Kiosk Development Continues

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Orange, Ca. The Tinkermen Lotto Report recently made platform design changes by procuring digital kiosk management and device equipment services from both Site Kiosk and Touchwo.

Working with both companies has allowed the Tinkermen Lotto Report to quickly set up our retail prediction kiosk platform for initial beta-testing in a relatively short amount of time, and at a cost that will allow us to scale and bring the platform to lotto players Nationally within a few short years.

The testing of the lotto prediction platform has been going extremely well, with the platform continuing to maintain a 90% correct prediction rate since beginning testing in May of 2023.

Of the many notable predictions since May. The prediction platform correctly identified and predicted one of the highest Draw Patterns to come up for the Oct. 9th 1.5 Billion dollar Powerball Lottery Drawing, with the Ascending Draw Pattern as having the 2nd highest chance of coming up in the drawing and then it did with the Draw Pattern number combination of 16, 34, 46, 55, 67 and 14.

Lotto Players in the Southern California area will now be the first to try out our easy-to-use Draw Pattern Predictions and Number Generation. With local access to our interactive touchscreen display devices located at select lottery retailers.

Making it even easier for players to choose lottery number combinations within draw patterns that are 'Most Due' when purchasing a lotto ticket.

Our Kiosk Predictions Website URL will also be available to players outside of convenience store locations around the world for use on smartphones and smart pad devices.

Be one of the first companies, convenience, or liquor stores in the Southern California area to let us help your lotto players see 'What's Next' in lotto with our easy-to-use Lottery Prediction Kiosk Subscriptions debuting in 2024.

Reach local customers for your particle niche in your area with our unique Kiosk advertising platform that will allow you to target specific regions and locations precisely on our standalone Kiosk touchscreen displays, bringing added value to your company.

Choose from our 6, 15 or 30-second video advertising plan subscriptions.

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