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Tinkermen Lotto Report Fixed Prediction History Statistics Update

On October 1st 2021 the Tinkermen Lotto Report reset the prediction history statistics page to reflect only the Fixed Prediction Statistics History that began on August 3rd, 2021.

We also added an archive prediction statistics page that captured all of the older prediction statistics data for when we were just choosing 10 draw patterns for each particular lottery out of the total available.

The update allows us to properly show our more current prediction statistics rate since moving to the new format, which is not only maintaining a much higher prediction rate, but is much more reliable in helping to show players what draw patterns are actually coming up the most out of the total available for each lottery.

The Tinkermen Lotto Report continues to try to 'Aim for You to Win' and we believe this statistics update reflects the Best Answer to show you What's Next in Lotto.

Our Current Prediction Rate is 86.09%

Mega Million Lottery - 76%

Powerball Lottery - 73%

Lotto America Lottery - 88%

Euro Millions Lottery - 94%

California Super Lotto - 88%

Lucky for Life – 90%

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