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How More People Can Actually Win the Lottery

"Why can't more people win the Lottery" one of my friends ask me one day, as were nonchalantly discussing the launch of my up and coming website, the Tinkermen Lotto Report.

I look her straight in the eyes and say, "they can", as she quickly turns away to something else and moves on with the conversation like we were just discussing a myth.

I get it, history and things about our reality have always told us to be reasonable, to only believe in the truth and unless it's already happened it can't really be the truth, Right? Well history also tells us from the past, that even just 200 years ago artificial electric light (The light bulb) was thought to be totally impossible, flying in the air like a bird, ya your dream'n again Johnny.

Or how about in 1902 when the New York Times called the automobile "impractical". Oh I'm not saying they didn't have a good enough reason at the time (we Love you New York Times by the way) I'm just pointing out that throughout history some things seemed totally impossible at a particular point in time, until it was actually the 'right time' and someone proved it was possible* One of my favorite quotes about doing the impossible is;

"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd"

- by Spanish Novelist Miguel de Cervantes (1600's)

If you're reading this article, then you know we're speaking on the subject of "How more people can actually win the lottery" and you that, that statement sounds totally absurd. But what if I told you, that you don't have to actually do the absurd to make it happen, that it's actually a lot easier than you thought.

What if I went on to tell you that I'm going to show and describe for you how it's possible in this very article in the next few minutes that "More people can actually win the Lottery". No Gimmicks, or anything at all for sale here I promise, I'm just trying to help more people win the lottery straight up!

So, while you may think right now that it’s impossible, now watch what I do with lottery numbers and combinations, to show you that it will work. It doesn't matter if it sounds absurd as long as it really works and it changes the total number of people that go on to win and share in lottery jackpots around the world.

Furthermore, when I'm done explaining it, you'll not only be able to see how it's actually possible to do the impossible, I'm hoping you'll want to become one of the lucky ones that helps accomplish that goal. Can you imagine being one of the very first groups of people to win the lotto en masse, having taken advantage of 'Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics' and the Tinkermen Lotto Report, Lotterycodex or the Lotto Rainbow websites generated number combinations.

I also mention these other two websites, because they too, both also encourage people to play the lottery according to math and Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics, using particular Draw Pattern number combinations.

Okay let’s switch gears here for a minute, for those of you that have ever watched the news when the Mega Millions or Power Ball jackpots get really big, you hear the same thing over and over again

"The odds are so high and the lottery is so Random, who will be the lucky winner in some part of the country"

and you’re definitely sitting there thinking the same thing to yourself that it won't be you and it will definitely be in some far away part of the country where you’re not of course. But you stop by the quick mart on your way home anyway and you buy your $2 Quick Pick Ticket ---> End of Story…

Okay fine I will give you that truth, that has been the typical pattern the last couple of decades. In fact, we know based on the past jackpot results statistics that on average only 10 to 15 winning lottery tickets come up each and every year, for each individual lottery throughout the world. Those really big Lottery odds have been really having their way with all of us that spent that $2, why would you spend any more than that anyway, it's not really cost effective to spend much more on a long shot and when we’re talking the game of Lotto were definitely talking long shot odds.

These odds are ridiculously big, so big in fact that when someone wins a Mega Millions or Power Ball Jackpot, (Imagine This Scenario) its usually only a single ticket winner. These lotteries have 300,000,000 million combinations and if you were to divide that by X number of football stadiums, each full of 50,000 people playing their $2-dollar quick pick ticket at over 3,000+ stadiums and then after multiple draws by the way, some one single random lucky person finally has a winning lottery ticket from 1 single random football stadium somewhere.

Ya, that's just like wow, why would I even ever think I can increase that to two winning jackpot tickets, I wouldn't believe me either right now, based on what I'm actually writing & reading about what I’m predicting. That does seem to be an impossible thing to try and fathom, let alone try to overcome and just sitting here listening to myself write about it, seems ridiculous.

It sounds like in order to accomplish this I'm going to have to generate "Magic Numbers" for the public in order to have any shot at having some one single person get lucky enough to win the lottery, let alone 100's of people, ya you’re dream'n again Johnny. Okay give me a second and keep reading, I had to explain what were up against here, that winning the lottery has been very hard to win in the past.

But the truth is, we've always been up against that same scenario, how is that going to change NOW? Well what if I told you that something new has changed NOW! What if I told you that what couldn't have been thought of being attempted or done in the past can be done NOW! What if I told you that something new has happened and NOW more people can actually win and share in the Lottery Jackpots of the world NOW!

Ya, I know that's a pretty big balderdash type statement right there Johnny, you seriously better back it up with something really creditable and concrete, like some kind of super evidence or something even bigger like those magic numbers you were just talking about making.

Okay then, I'll stop beating around the bush and just tell you that the real short answer is this: "Technology & Knowledge and changing the way people actually PLAY the game of Lotto" can lead to more people actually winning Lottery jackpots, than ever before".

More than 10 to 15 people a year, yes way more, how many more? I don't know, but gone will be the days of just 10 to 15 people winning lottery jackpots and more people, I mean a lot more people will be winning the second and third level prizes in the future too. I know this sounds like a far-fetched myth and too good to be true, remember how I started this article with the same conversation with my friend and what she thought as she walked away...

So, for the sake of argument and being unreasonable for just a minute, for the sake of doing and accomplishing the impossible, let me first explain the short quick answer to why and how more people can actually win the lottery and then we'll go on from there. To show you quickly I'm going to use an analytical model of how the lottery is currently played right now, then show you how changing how people play the lottery according to "Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics" changes the outcome and "How more people can actually win the Lottery"

Currently known Lottery playing facts and statistics:

1) 50% - percentage of people in the USA that play the Lottery

2) 70% - percentage of people that play lotto using quick pick tickets

3) 70% - number of people that win a lottery jackpot using a quick pick ticket

4) 30% - estimated number of people that win a lottery jackpot that write out their own numbers intentionally (Birthdays and Anniversaries?)

5) 10 to 15 – total number of people that actually win a lottery jackpot per year, for each particular lottery in the world, in over 100 nations

NOTE: Quick Pick Tickets are random number combinations, that are generated and distributed to the public at the exact same mathematical draw pattern percentage rate, as the past winning lottery number combinations are drawn, based on "Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics" (Source - Tinkermen Lotto Probability Report – Independent Study on Quick Pick Tickets)

There’s an idiom that says 'You should never compare Apples to Oranges ' But, do you know where Spectators actually sit to catch foul balls at over 2,000 ML Baseball games each year?

A study was conducted (Similar to a Tinkermen Lotto Probability Report) and determined that foul balls tended to be hit where one would assume. That Right-handed batters fouled more baseballs often into the lower stands by first base and the left-handed batters’ fouled baseballs more often to the lower stands by the third base side. Yet, and yes, we all know the majority of people that attend baseball games don't go there intentionally to catch foul balls. Okay unless it's the World Series or something special, because generally a baseballs net worth is usually around $5 dollars.

But let's say that out of the over 72,000 foul balls that are hit each year, that they represented a winning lottery draw number combination and every time someone caught a foul ball, they won a million dollars. If it was like that, we all know that based on "Baseball Foul Ball Probability" that everyone would be attempting to sit in areas and sections where it was most likely for the foul balls to be hit too. This is not rocket science here it's simple baseball physics, gravity and simple statistics.

Okay now for the big drum roll please, because I'm about to hit a home run per say in this article finally that you've all been waiting for, don’t even be looking for a foul ball here. Remember when I made this statement from above;

"For those of you that have ever watched the news when the Mega Millions or Power Ball jackpots get really big, you here the same thing over and over again – That the odds are so high and the lottery is so Random"

This (so Random) statement is a FALSE statement that everyone currently believes in and that people and news agencies alike, continually write about and perpetuate – It is just NOT True!

This is a Mathematical Discovery in Lotto,

it proves that Lotteries are not completely Random events

- Terry Materese, ‘Lotto People Magazine

Remember also when I said: “Well what if I told you that something new has changed NOW! What if I told you that what couldn't have been thought of being attempted or done in the past can be done NOW! What if I told you something new has happened and NOW more people can win and share in the Lottery Jackpots of the world NOW!”

To begin with, the understanding we have of Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics, we’re now able to make successful draw pattern predictions for the different major lotteries of the world. In fact, we have correct predictions rates of over 70% for both the Mega Millions and the Powerball Lotteries themselves.

As an example of why we’re so accurate, looking back at the past 5 years’ worth of past winning draw number combinations for the Mega Millions lottery, you can visually see in this chart that some Draw Pattern groups tend to come up and be drawn and repeat over time, way more often as winning combinations than others.

If more people were to STOP playing quick pick tickets and play generated number combinations intentionally from within certain Draw Pattern groups that come up more often, it is only reasonable to believe that more people could win and split Lottery Jackpots.

So how does everyone go about doing that you ask? First off let’s remember that it does matter how you get your numbers, a quick pick ticket assigns people random number combinations that are not as good mathematically and statistically, as number combinations that you will find on the Tinkermen Lotto Report, Lotterycodex or the Lotto Rainbow websites. So now that you know why and where to go to get your lotto number combinations, let’s move on to the next step; creating your lotto ticket.

With these new advancements and changes in technology NOW, lotto players can now receive and download their mathematically generated number combinations from anywhere on the web and now those number combinations can be used to fill out and makeup lotto tickets during the actual time of purchase. This can be done from the comforts of your own home, from your computer or on your way home when you stop at the quick mart, at the lottery kiosk. Don’t you just love it when technologies like this start to work out for the better and it actually becomes the "right time" for something like this to become possible.

Lastly, let’s talk about the latest technological advancement and lottery playing tool that gives us the home run in this game, with the recent addition of the mobile lottery ticket purchasing courier app. These mobile phone apps are just now coming online and are becoming more available now for use for many of the lotteries of the world and are available right now for a limited number of US lotteries in (21 US States), but they continue to expand into the market each year.

With advanced playing settings and secure checkouts, today's Lottery Ticket Mobile Apps have just started to become the 'Go To' for the regular or even the international lotto player, who wishes to play in a lottery even in a completely different country. That’s right, players from almost anywhere in the world can NOW purchase and buy a Lotto ticket or join a syndicate group lottery pool to play with others much easier than ever before.

Lastly, I have to say that there’s absolutely no one in the lottery industry (People that analyze the Lottery using mathematics or statistics) that will ultimately dispute that picking your own lottery number combinations is not the better option to choose when playing lotto.

In the end it’s not how much people spend and the number of combinations purchased by everyone that will ultimately determine and change the number of people who actually win lottery jackpots to see an actual increase.

It will be the combined use of using the most convenient online mobile technology ticket purchasing apps and incorporating a more predictable game playing strategy of using favorable number combinations, that will eventually cause my friend who once walked away in disbelief. To change her mind and believe that even in the game of Lotto anything is possible…

Article Blog by John Francis

Tinkermen Lotto Report

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